As the sun rises over the horizon,
So does the potential of technology finance,
With new innovations always on the rise,
We see a brighter future through the ex-dividend.

The power of technology knows no bounds,
As it transforms and enriches our lives,
And with Horizon Technology Finance at the helm,
We embrace a future filled with boundless opportunities.

The ex-dividend serves as a symbol of this potential,
A beacon of hope amidst uncertain times,
As it calls forth a new era of growth and prosperity,
Empowering us to dream and achieve the impossible.

With optimism in our hearts and minds,
We move ever forward towards the horizon,
Guided by a company that inspires and motivates,
Horizon Technology Finance, forever innovating.

So let us embrace this new dawn with open arms,
And celebrate the ex-dividend and all it represents,
For in its wake, we are empowered to create,
A brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.
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