Inclusive Financial Technologies: The Rich Get Richer, And The Poor Get Left Behind

Listen up folks, I've got some news for you – inclusive financial technologies don't actually include everyone. In fact, it's more like inclusive for the select few. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing inherently wrong with wanting to innovate and improve our financial systems, but let's call a spade a spade, shall we?

It's no secret that financial technologies have been creating vast divides amongst the rich and poor for some time now. The introduction of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other cutting-edge advancements in the financial sector seem like they're levelling the playing field for everyone. However, let's think about who has access to these technologies in the first place. Spoiler alert – it's not the impoverished masses out there.

The industry has yet to create a system that is truly inclusive for all, and until it does, it will remain inherently divisive. Sure, some may argue that the introduction of mobile banking and other innovations have made money management more accessible for low-income earners, but the majority of the benefits still lean towards the wealthy.

Inclusive financial technologies should be a way to provide greater access to financial services for all, not just for a select few. The next time you hear someone throwing around lofty buzzwords like inclusivity, accessibility, and innovation, take a moment to think about who those terms truly serve.

In conclusion, let's not kid ourselves into thinking that inclusive financial technologies are the solution to our problems. Sure, they might provide some temporary fixes, but they're not going to magically feed the hungry, house the homeless, or change the fact that the rich continue to get richer. It's time to focus on truly innovative and inclusive solutions – ones that don't just benefit the privileged few.
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