On the blockchain's private side, there's a new ledger,
It's not run by a government, bank or headquarters.

It's called "private distributed ledger" and it's a wonder,
An open-source platform with a top-notch encryption power.

It's secure, tamper-proof and it's decentralized,
Gone are the days of centralization, democracy is now praised.

With PDL, transactions are kept private and discreet,
And no middleman is needed, the money is sweet!

Every action is timestamped, verified and unique,
A digital footprint that leaves no room for critique.

It's a tool for the future, a technology for the now,
A peer-to-peer system that's changing the game, wow!

So let's embrace the innovation, let's make it our own,
With private distributed ledger, the world is our throne.
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